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Monthly archive for April 2014

Solar Park or Solar Farm, which is correct?

The number of solar projects being built in the U.S. continues to grow almost exponentially, but some of the terms can still be confusing to those considering investing in these virtually no-fail projects. Anyone considering investing should become as familiar as possible with the various types of

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Hawaii loves Solar Farms, but not why you’d think

It might seem obvious why Hawaii loves solar farms. Lots of sun, right? Wrong. Hawaii has realized that solar helps greatly offset their energy costs. Importing electrical power to the island costs three times as much as it does the continental U.S., and solar farms don’t interfere

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Solar Farms in the UK

If you have ever been to the United Kingdom, then you have probably noticed that the price of gasoline, or petrol as they call it, is much higher than it is here in the United States.  However, gasoline is not the only energy source that is expensive

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Superfund Sites Make Great Solar Farm Sites

Superfund sites were for years persona non grata in the real estate world. Deemed uninhabitable or dangerous by the Environmental Protection Agency, they can be cleaned up with federal money but usually sit for years undeveloped — a waste of land because of sometimes valid fears. But

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Solar Farms in U.S. Catching Up to Europe

For years, the U.S. has lagged the rest of the world in solar farms, solar farm companies and solar power production. But growth has increased almost exponentially as the nation and the planet realize how relatively simply — and affordably, with government subsidies — it is to harness the sun’s

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Solar Farms – The New Gold Rush?

Almost like the 1800s Gold Rush out west, solar farm opportunities are everywhere for investors — except with a critical difference. The government can pay for most if not all of them. Government subsidies have been instrumental in installing huge solar farms in America’s west, and the

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Plethora of grants available for Solar Farms

Development of solar farms can be expensive up front, but can also reap decades of financial and environmental benefits. To offset those up-front costs, the federal government and most every state offer multitudes of ways to fund solar development through grants and tax incentives. Solar farms can

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Solar Farms – the good and the bad

No alternative energy source is perfect. Anyone who claims differently is simply biased. Innovative Solar Systems deals in honesty, so we want to highlight the pros and cons of investing in solar farms. True, solar farms can be costly up front. The ones worth investing in —

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Can Wind Farms Compete with Solar Farms?

Forget the dot coms and politically motivated websites droning on and on about whether solar farms or wind farm power is best. Of course, solar developers will say solar farms. Wind farm developers will say wind. They each have their merits, to be sure, but those folks

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Where is the World’s Largest Solar Farm?

If you do a Google search to find the world’s largest solar farm you will find that there are many solar farms that are up and running and many more under construction.  Wikipedia lists over 50 solar farms that are over 50 MW, which is great news

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