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Can Solar Farms Save the World?

Making money is Fabulous. Making money while saving the planet is Priceless and solar farms offer that very opportunity.

There is little debate now that the climate is changing, and most scientists agree carbon emissions are to blame. Without major the earth’s temperatures will continue to climb. Our planet has endured climate change for thousands of years. Ice Ages passed, and humans survived. But the crisis now is not the change itself, but the rate of change. Scientists agree that a severe, relatively quick uptick in temperature would be difficult for industrialized nations to endure.

The answer? Nations worldwide are finding what is best for them, and solar farms top the list. Most, although not all, environmentalists agree that solar farms are a reliable and viable option using the most abundant resource on our suffering planet: the sun.

The United States’ rate of solar farm development is testament to this fact. Its home to the world’s largest solar farm, countless smaller farms and what may soon became the nation’s second-largest farm, the Babcock Ranch in the Sunshine State.

Saving carbon emissions isn’t the only positive effect on the environment. A recent study says solar farms attract bees for pollinating rare plants nearby which have been on the decline. Another recent study touts solar farms’ ability to maintain meadows, which are “unimproved” grasslands. Such acreage actually absorbs carbon, which it wouldn’t do if it were developed or farmed.

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