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Can Wind Farms Compete with Solar Farms?

Forget the dot coms and politically motivated websites droning on and on about whether solar farms or wind farm power is best. Of course, solar developers will say solar farms. Wind farm developers will say wind. They each have their merits, to be sure, but those folks will run down the competition because of their motive — money.

But if you turn to professional scientists who have no commercial stake in either form of alternative energy, who are truly objective, most say solar power is more reliable and generates more income. Search the “.edus,” and “.orgs” which are not commercially based.

The web is home to a dizzying number of objective sources who favor solar. For instance, an associate physics professor and amateur astronomer at the University of California, San Diego, has studied the issue ad infinitum and says wind certainly has its advantages. But in many ways, solar farms win this battle hands down.

Why? Wind farms take an enormous amount of space to produce any reliable energy. Each wind turbine must be as far apart from other windmills as it is wide. Larger “fans,” the only ones capable of producing truly useable energy, need much land to capture energy. Other experts say that because they are moving mechanisms, they require much more maintenance. It is true that wind power, in the right place, can capture energy. But most experts say the sun’s power is more constant and reliable. True — some parts of the country, such as the Northeast, may not be ideal locations for solar farms. But even Alaska has successful solar farms, if engineered and developed in prime locations.

It’s buyer beware. But research from objective sources reveals without a doubt that our powerful Sun generates more reliable power — and more money. For the best in solar farms contact our team of professionals today for a look at our current portfolio pf projects for sale.

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