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Can Solar Farms and livestock co-exist?

Other than war and weather, the biggest problems facing the planet are producing enough food and energy, both consumed at staggering rates by a population growing faster than farmers and fossil fuels can keep up with. Solar farms are certainly helping address the increased energy demands in

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Germany – Leading The World for Solar Farms

Thanks to years of generous government subsidies, Germany has become the world leader in renewable energy and solar farms.  Twenty seven percent of Germany’s power is generated with renewables and solar provides close to a quarter of that. In the southern German state of Bavaria, where the

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Why Hedge Fund Managers Love Solar Farms

You have to take notice when one of the nation’s most wealthy hedge funds suddenly takes interest in renewable energy. A $30 billion hedge fund manager recently invested in five solar farms in California. Hedge fund giant D.E. Shaw has also co-invested in a wind farm off the

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Can Solar Farms Save the World?

Making money is Fabulous. Making money while saving the planet is Priceless and solar farms offer that very opportunity. There is little debate now that the climate is changing, and most scientists agree carbon emissions are to blame. Without major the earth’s temperatures will continue to climb.

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Why do Solar Farms Attract Big Box Stores?

When you think of Wal-Mart, you think of a massive store where you can buy everything from bananas to bicycles, but rarely do you think of solar farms when Wal-Mart comes to mind. When you think of Kohl’s, you think of a woman’s favorite kind of store:

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Financing Solar Farms as a REIT

Many financing options are available for investors looking at the very attractive, relatively maintenance-free solar farms as a means to a safe, diverse portfolio.  One of them is the REIT — Real Estate Investment Trust. These trusts are not double taxed such as traditional corporate access. Plus,

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Do Solar Farm Investors Like Fixed or Movable Panels?

While solar panels that don’t move are still an economical way to develop and reap financial rewards from solar farms, panels that move with the sun’s angle are quickly becoming the way to increase revenue. More and more buyers of solar farms are looking at panel tracking

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Do Solar Farms cause glare for Pilots?

An unintended consequence is the unanticipated effect that happens when one tries to fix a problem and then creates another.  These consequences often have a positive effect, but sometimes they can be worse that the problem they were trying to fix.  One example of an unintended consequence

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Why India Loves Solar Farms

Some reasons are no-brainers: India is one of the most densely populated nations on the planet, its sunlight is abundant, and its deserts prime locales so solar farms make perfect sense. But how did they get on the bandwagon before most of the rest of the world.

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Protecting Solar Farms from Vandals

The very characteristics which make solar farm sites attractive to build are unfortunately also the ones that, without protection, can also make them attractive to vandals. The solar farm sites are usually less vulnerable to neighborhood opposition, rural and away from other structures such as airports or

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