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Solar Farms – the good and the bad

No alternative energy source is perfect. Anyone who claims differently is simply biased. Innovative Solar Systems deals in honesty, so we want to highlight the pros and cons of investing in solar farms. True, solar farms can be costly up front. The ones worth investing in —

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Can Wind Farms Compete with Solar Farms?

Forget the dot coms and politically motivated websites droning on and on about whether solar farms or wind farm power is best. Of course, solar developers will say solar farms. Wind farm developers will say wind. They each have their merits, to be sure, but those folks

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Where is the World’s Largest Solar Farm?

If you do a Google search to find the world’s largest solar farm you will find that there are many solar farms that are up and running and many more under construction.  Wikipedia lists over 50 solar farms that are over 50 MW, which is great news

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Are Solar Farms Greener than Wind Farms?

We have all heard of the term “green electricity,” but what exactly does it mean? Green electricity is electricity produced from sources that do not have an impact on the environment. Of course, any method of generating electricity will have an impact, but some methods have less

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Germany trades Nuclear Energy for Solar Farms

Germany. Not exactly the sunny Sahara. Its weather is often grey, grey, grey. But despite its mostly gloomy weather and the looming Alps casting shadows, this European country has managed to produce more solar power per person than any other country in the world. It has even

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Solar Farms may seem new, but solar dates back to 1960s

Many states are seeing stellar success with the ease of restrictions and incentives for solar farms. After his groundbreaking research at Arizona State University in the late 1960s, followers started calling Professor John Yellot the Ambassador of the Sun. A more fitting nickname for the groundbreaking researcher

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Solar Farms give new life to old landfills

One man’s trash is another’s treasure. More and more, cities and towns across the nation are transforming old garbage dumps into new solar farms. The city of Boston has built or has on the drawing board more than 16 solar farm projects throughout the state built on

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Why do Apple and Google like Solar Farms?

An astounding number of forward-thinking companies — companies that were well ahead of trends in information, retail and other commercial ventures — are now investing at an amazing rate in huge solar farms. Google announced in February it was buying a massive solar farm project in northern

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Solar Farm Developer warns against Electric Cooperatives

With more and more high-dollar investors realizing how lucrative solar farms are, it’s critical that potential investors understand the risks of working with local electric co-ops. Before you agree to do business with a co-op, keep in mind these pitfalls: First, state utility commissions do not usually

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Preventing potential disaster with solar farms

Late March, and the mountains of North Carolina wake up to yet another snow. Again, my passion for solar farms comes to mind. Are the past few brutal winters and sweltering summers global climate change? Most experts have stopped arguing over whether the planet is warming. The

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