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Why India Loves Solar Farms

Some reasons are no-brainers: India is one of the most densely populated nations on the planet, its sunlight is abundant, and its deserts prime locales so solar farms make perfect sense. But how did they get on the bandwagon before most of the rest of the world.

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Protecting Solar Farms from Vandals

The very characteristics which make solar farm sites attractive to build are unfortunately also the ones that, without protection, can also make them attractive to vandals. The solar farm sites are usually less vulnerable to neighborhood opposition, rural and away from other structures such as airports or

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Who’s willing to finance solar farms?

Solar farms are arguably one of the safest investments around, capable of providing up to 30 years of worry-free, maintenance-free income. But start-up costs for solar farms can be intimidating if investors aren’t aware of the many financing opportunities available. Banks and other corporations looking to add

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Solar Farms – great investments, but only when done well

Solar farms can be one of the safest, easiest ways to invest. But many factors can contribute to a failed project. Some solar farms just never get built. It’s important to know how to avoid those circumstances. Some solar farms are thwarted by neighbors’ opposition, so it’s

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Why Fortune 500 Companies are Investing in Solar Farms

Last year over $500 million was invested in solar energy.  Microsoft, Google, Wal-Mart, Warren Buffet’s MidAmerican, Costco, Apple, and Kohl’s are just a few of the corporations that have invested in renewable energy and more specifically solar farms. But why are they investing? Many businesses are looking

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Solar Park or Solar Farm, which is correct?

The number of solar projects being built in the U.S. continues to grow almost exponentially, but some of the terms can still be confusing to those considering investing in these virtually no-fail projects. Anyone considering investing should become as familiar as possible with the various types of

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Solar Farms in the UK

If you have ever been to the United Kingdom, then you have probably noticed that the price of gasoline, or petrol as they call it, is much higher than it is here in the United States.  However, gasoline is not the only energy source that is expensive

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Solar Farms in U.S. Catching Up to Europe

For years, the U.S. has lagged the rest of the world in solar farms, solar farm companies and solar power production. But growth has increased almost exponentially as the nation and the planet realize how relatively simply — and affordably, with government subsidies — it is to harness the sun’s

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Where is the World’s Largest Solar Farm?

If you do a Google search to find the world’s largest solar farm you will find that there are many solar farms that are up and running and many more under construction.  Wikipedia lists over 50 solar farms that are over 50 MW, which is great news

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Are Solar Farms Greener than Wind Farms?

We have all heard of the term “green electricity,” but what exactly does it mean? Green electricity is electricity produced from sources that do not have an impact on the environment. Of course, any method of generating electricity will have an impact, but some methods have less

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