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Germany trades Nuclear Energy for Solar Farms

Germany. Not exactly the sunny Sahara. Its weather is often grey, grey, grey. But despite its mostly gloomy weather and the looming Alps casting shadows, this European country has managed to produce more solar power per person than any other country in the world. It has even

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Solar Farms give new life to old landfills

One man’s trash is another’s treasure. More and more, cities and towns across the nation are transforming old garbage dumps into new solar farms. The city of Boston has built or has on the drawing board more than 16 solar farm projects throughout the state built on

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Solar Farm Developer warns against Electric Cooperatives

With more and more high-dollar investors realizing how lucrative solar farms are, it’s critical that potential investors understand the risks of working with local electric co-ops. Before you agree to do business with a co-op, keep in mind these pitfalls: First, state utility commissions do not usually

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Preventing potential disaster with solar farms

Late March, and the mountains of North Carolina wake up to yet another snow. Again, my passion for solar farms comes to mind. Are the past few brutal winters and sweltering summers global climate change? Most experts have stopped arguing over whether the planet is warming. The

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Solar Farm Developer Seeks New Equity Investors

As a cutting edge Solar Farm Developer and EPC we are always seeking new equity investors for our extensive pipeline of projects here in the United States. We offer a variety of joint venture type partnerships on our construction ready Solar Farm projects. Many investors may want

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