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Do Solar Farm Investors Like Fixed or Movable Panels?

While solar panels that don’t move are still an economical way to develop and reap financial rewards from solar farms, panels that move with the sun’s angle are quickly becoming the way to increase revenue. More and more buyers of solar farms are looking at panel tracking systems.

Solar farms generally have fixed panels, and this is still a relatively maintenance-free r those who want big returns and very little of the hassle of replacing or repairing movable parts.

But for those who want huge returns on their solar farms and a little hassle of replacing parts, movable panels are superior. Two types will soon exist.

The first are panels which move east to west. These capture optimal angles of the sun’s rays, and rays, remember, can even be collected on cloudy days and stored. Solar tracking systems are evolving quicker than ever, and serious investors are embracing these new technologies.

One innovative company has invested $1 billion in creating a “robot” powered, movable panel which performs a complete, 360-degree rotation. This capability represents a significant increase in up-front costs, but like all good things, the extra work is worth the extra reward. The newer, fully-rotating panels capture almost every ray of sun available, which means they also capture almost every penny of power available. The company says its 360-degree panels generate up to 45 percent more solar power per day. This could be a game changer for solar farm owners.

The choice is up to your individual needs and what you’re willing to pay up front. It’s all about tailoring deals to what investors are most interested in. Our experts can help you find the perfect panels to fit your solar farm needs.

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