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Our company designs and builds high efficiency solar farms so that our investors generate some of the best returns in the business. So just what makes our solar farms better? Our team of electrical engineers and civil engineers analyze every project on a case by case scenario to assure optimal system orientation and equipment type so that maximum energy harvest is possible. By optimizing our solar farm design we can typically generate up to 25% to 30% more energy yield while only costing a few additional pennies per watt on the overall investment.

Owners of large scale solar farms always try to choose projects with the best IRR’s over the life of the project and it’s no secret that more buyers choose the solar farms for sale here since we have a larger revolving pipeline of projects and cater to institutional size investors and funds that require turn key solutions in a timely fashion. If you are actively seeking high efficiency solar farms that can be online faster, and that require less operating and maintenance costs then you may want to contact us today to learn more. Our company also offers a host of solar due diligence services to others on a global level.

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