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How to Build a Solar Farm

Learning how to build a solar farm can be fun and easy when working with professional companies like ourselves that do this on a daily basis. Building a solar farms starts with setting your budget, good planning and engineering. Solar farm design is very modular and a good budget number here in the U.S. is about $2,500,000 per megawatt you plan to build, Of course this number will go up or down slightly depending upon the size of the project and location among other variables. The actual construction and build out of solar farms is somewhat fast and easy once working with a reputable firm that understands the business.

Let’s talk about the actual construction of the solar farm. Once you have all approvals from state, local and federal groups along with the electric utility you can then finalize engineering and prepare to pull all permits from your local permitting office. They will need full electrical drawings, erosion control, and storm water runoff plans among other things to grant final permitting approvals and depending on your experience in this field and track record. You will also have to have all easements in place and a schedule with the electric company pertaining to the actual interconnection agreement, and solar farm commissioning plan.

Starting a solar farm is a challenging thing for even the best companies in this business and we never recommend a land owner try to do this on their own unless they just have millions to burn and nothing better to do in their spare time. Let our team of professionals, solar farm engineers and licensed solar farm contractors show you to way to better solar farms for less.

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