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How to Start a Solar Farm

Many people are wondering these days what it takes to start a solar farm. First of all you will need the right piece of land for that solar farm project. Most people that that any piece of land will do when it comes to solar farming and this is not the case. You will want to make certain of many things when it comes to siting of that solar farm, close proximity to 3 phase power lines, good road access, clear field that is not shadowed by trees that would inhibit the production levels of your solar power generating plant and lastly, zoning approvals for a given location are one of the most important factors as whether you will be allowed to build and operate a solar farm at your location.

Once you have deemed that your location is suitable you will want to contract with a solar farm development company that has a proven track record of getting solar farm projects approved with your local electric company. Getting approvals for a solar farm can be a very complex and costing proposition and rarely can anyone without a team of solar engineers and experience in this field make this happen. Remember, solar farms cut into the profits of utility companies and getting approvals on these large projects can be tedious, costly and very time consuming so once again our best advice to you is to contract with a professional when starting your own solar farm.

The National Renewable Energy Lab provides some great information on solar farm power generation and how it all works so please do some reading there to advance your learning. When and if you decide to take the plunge and start your own solar farm project please contact our team to investigate matters further.

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