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Largest USA Solar Farms

We have some of the largest solar farms for sale in the USA for the calendar year of 2014. Our current portfolio of solar farm projects totals approximately1 gigawatts and is growing daily as we expand from our home territory of North Carolina into other states and key markets. Investors and institutional fund groups appreciate larger projects as the economics usually work out better due to lower hard and soft costs as related to the individual solar farm project. It is quite easy to see why buyers of our solar farms in the over 20MW size can generate double digit returns with minimal risk.

As European markets are almost totally built out at this point in time the US Solar Farms we sell are in high demand and our company is setting the bar when it comes to better solar farms at better prices. By designing and building higher efficiency solar farms the owners of our projects will ultimately get much more reliable systems that generate more energy than other systems in the same geographical region. Take a look at our innovative solar farms and designs today and then determine if your millions are better spent here than with our competitors.

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