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Our North Carolina Solar Farms are greening up the state and helping NC Utilities like Duke Energy meet their renewable energy portfolio standards and the mandates set forth by Senate Bill 3 to have at least 12.5% of all electricity produced in the state is from renewable energy sources by the year 2021. The Commercial Solar Farms we design and implement are making not only a state impact but also a global impact when it comes to providing clean green energy that leaves no carbon foot print behind like traditional coal fired power plants. Solar Farms are changing the ways we think about energy and Americans are embracing this cost effective energy source that can keep their power costs lower.

We are proud that the House of Representative leaders in North Carolina were forward thinking back in 2007 when they introduced Senate Bill 3 and made the state move toward more renewable energy in the state which in turn spurred a growth in solar farms. If only more backwards states like South Carolina would adopt such policies we may then have a chance to someday catch the Europeans in the race for more clean energy. North Carolina Solar Farms can be seen almost everywhere these days and even on a grand scale on the grounds of the famed Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Solar Farms are taking the United States by storm and more voters are putting demands on their state representatives to pass bills that would allow greater solar farm development at lower costs which will ultimately save the consumer money.

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