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We offer partnership opportunities on our Solar Farms in a variety of manners. Many land owners are not just interested in leasing us their land, but also want to be included as an economic financial partner in the development of their Solar Farm project so our company has recently rolled out a program whereby we give land owners a chance to invest monies into the project on the front end for up to a fifty percent membership interest in their given project. We are also teaming up with O.E.M.’s and others for partnership interests in our much larger Solar Farm projects as those projects require much more capital to develop, but can generate very large returns once developed, approved and built.

Being a partner in one of our early development stage Solar Farms can get investors some truly great returns, but there are risks associated with these early stage projects so please consider the risk to return factors as they apply. Investing in or buying one of our “Shovel Ready” Solar Farm projects can also be just what your balance sheet needs and we are more than happy to explain how returns are derived from our vast portfolio of construction ready projects. We also offer limited type partnerships where we supply one of our construction ready Solar Farms to buyers or investors who finance the solar energy deal if we are allowed to retain part ownership of the project for the lifetime of the asset.

As a leader in the development and construction of Solar Farms in the U.S. and abroad we are always open to new and exciting partnership opportunities with others so please contact us directly if you have a business idea that could be profitable for our company. Call our team today at (828)-215-9064 to learn more about partnership opportunities here in the U.S. and elsewhere. Solar Farm ownership has proven to be a very lucrative investment strategy for many large and medium size entities so please contact us now to learn more about this segment of renewable energy.

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