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Preventing potential disaster with solar farms

Late March, and the mountains of North Carolina wake up to yet another snow. Again, my passion for solar farms comes to mind.

Are the past few brutal winters and sweltering summers global climate change? Most experts have stopped arguing over whether the planet is warming. The only question is whether it’s man-made, or simply the earth’s natural cycles at work. Regardless, a recent documentary convinces us it doesn’t matter. Something has to be done.

Six Degrees Could Change the World isn’t tree-hugger hysteria. It is carefully researched, and it quotes scientists, not activists. In well-documented, dispassionate segments, it shows what could happen if the planet continues to use fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum as if they’re in infinite supply.

We’re all part of it — we love our cars, our public transportation, our appliances and conveniences — most all powered by fossil fuels. Fuels that took millions of years to form yet are being used at an irreplaceable rate. Their emissions have trapped warmth around the planet’s atmosphere like a warm blanket.

So where is the answer? The documentary explores many options for change, yet dismisses almost all as not feasible. Except one, solar farms. They’re green — and green, as in lucrative.

Our firm, Innovative Solar Systems, is among the nation’s leading mavericks working to avert disaster by developing utility scale solar farms throughout the state. Investors will find huge tax breaks in our state throughout 2014. To be greener and make some green you can contact our team of civil and electrical engineers at 828-215-9064 to learn more. Unused land could help the planet and your portfolio.

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