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Requirements for Solar Farms

There are many more requirements for solar farms that just having a piece of land. Most land owners hear the word solar farm and immediately think that they have the perfect site for solar farms and this could not be further from the truth. Project planning and development does all start with the perfect solar farm site and there are many requirements for the site to work such that we are granted final approvals from local utilities while receiving a low interconnection cost at the site so that our investors and buyers are comfortable with the returns on the potential solar farm project.

Our engineered solar farms require many things. We usually look for sites that have little or no topography, are cleared, not in the flood way and have absolutely no environmental or wetlands issues. We then drill down if the site meets these minimum requirements to look at how we would connect to the grid and what upgrades would be necessary of the utility to grant us an interconnection at a given voltage. Being able to obtain low interconnection costs on a solar farm project while keeping overall project costs low is critical to successful planning.

Most of our solar farm projects will require that the land owner enter into a long term lease of twenty to thirty years. Once a suitable site has been determined we then spend thousands of solar project planning man hours to finalize system design, specify equipment and determine time lines so that project installation times can be met. Planning, designing and building large solar farm projects is no easy matter, but after years of being very successful in this business many repeat clients consider our projects to be the benchmark of what every solar farm project should be.

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