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There are many solar farm companies here in the U.S., however, most of those companies only develop and build projects for themselves to be owners and few reputable companies like ourselves ever sell totally developed and built out solar farm projects to others. There are many reasons why large companies like Sun Edison, Sun Power and Strata Solar develop many projects to keep in their own portfolios. Most solar farm projects provide for large tax credits and smart solar farm companies will almost always figure out ways to structure the deals and retail their projects at prices that enable them to spin off the tax credits to large institutional investors at discount rates so that the tax investor is ultimately paying for a large portion of the project.

This can be a thing of beauty for large solar farm companies whereby the tax equity investor pays a large portion of the cost required to build the solar farms that then are ultimately owned by companies like Strata Solar, First Solar, ESA Renewables or others who then receive the income stream from selling energy to Duke Energy for periods of 15 years or longer. If you are looking for solar farm partnerships like the ones just described or have your own business model that may be of interest to us please contact us today. We are one of the largest solar farm developers in the U.S. and almost always sell our shovel ready or turnkey and commissioned solar farm projects, rarely do we retain full ownership of our solar farm assets.

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