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The Solar Farms we design and build utilize some of the best components in the solar industry. We use racking like Schletter, solar panels by companies like Canadian Solar and utility grade inverters by world class companies like Advanced Energy. We understand that the companies or investors that look to us for Solar Farm projects want higher efficiency systems that will require less maintenance over time while providing the best returns possible on that initial investment. Let us show you the way to better designed Solar Farms that will provide you with carefree returns for years down the road. To learn more about how a Solar Farm works call us now.

There are many things that our company looks at when we engineer our Solar Farms. The actual site is where we will spend a great deal of research for many reasons. We conduct full site feasibility studies to assure that a given site is ideal for the location and installation of one of our world class Solar Farm systems. The site is checked for any possible environmental or wetland issues as well as proximity to our point of interconnection with the local electrical utility servicing that area. We choose sites for our Solar Farms that will no issues that could inhibit the project or ultimately cost our investors more than projected.

By performing in depth due diligence on every aspect of our Solar Farm projects our buyers will obtain the best systems at the best prices thus providing them the highest overall returns. If system design is important and your team wants only the best when it comes to ground mounted Solar Farms then give us a call today at (828)-215-9064 to learn more.

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