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Solar Farm Developer Seeks New Equity Investors

As a cutting edge Solar Farm Developer and EPC we are always seeking new equity investors for our extensive pipeline of projects here in the United States. We offer a variety of joint venture type partnerships on our construction ready Solar Farm projects. Many investors may want to choose an option where they supply all construction monies for our company to construct one of our ready to build Solar Farms for an eighty percent (80%) ownership in the installed and commissioned asset.

Other investors may choose to invest less money in a Solar Farm and to take a position in one of our early solar farm development projects. We typically seek investors or owners of some type for a role in all of our Solar Farms here in the U.S. Owning or investing in a large Solar Farm project can be a lucrative venture and yield quite nice returns with a higher than average risk to reward ratio in many cases.

Solar Farms incorporate renewable energy components and are deemed as some of the most reliable and maintenance free electricity producing elements known to man. As a leader in the field of Solar Farm Development and having years of experience in this industry we consider our company to be the benchmark for Solar Farm Design, project development, construction and commissioning of these massive utility scale projects. Contact us today to explore our Solar Farms and see if they make sense for your company or entity as a sound investment.

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