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Solar farm developers are everywhere these days or so they think. We run across fly by night groups on a daily basis either trying to pirate our confidential information pertaining to solar farm development or trying to break into this rather tough industry. Unless a group has millions of dollars behind, a strong engineering department, construction group and a land team in place they will have little success in this business. We are amazed by the calls we get on a daily basis where new companies misrepresent who they are in the hopes that they can steal our confidential engineering packages on solar farm projects to give them better insight on how to get these massive projects approved with the large utility companies we now deal with.

Our experience is that there are very few solar farm developers in this industry that have our credentials, know how or experience when it comes to designing and constructing world class solar farms here in the United States and abroad. Solar farm development involves many disciplines as discussed earlier, there are the engineering aspects, both electrical and civil, the real estate matters, environmental issues and then permitting, zoning and construction considerations.

Our company is a proud member of many professional organizations like the American Solar Energy Society and our continuing education practices alone far exceed what other groups will spend money, time or resources on when it comes to being a reputable solar farm developer. Let us assist you today with your solar farm projects as we offer turnkey solutions for solar farm development and build out.

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