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Solar Farm Feasibility Study

Are you in need of a solar farm feasibility study? Our company performs some of the most detailed and in depth solar farm feasibility studies available. We perform studies on all sizes of solar farm projects ranging from as small as 500KW all the way up to several gigawatts. We can also help you prepare your business plan and complete the entire engineering package if securing all approvals and debt and equity financing for your projects is also your goal. Our company has one of the most established track records in the solar industry when it comes to developing solar farm projects to construction ready or fully commissioned status.

Our solar farm feasibility studies all start with a thorough analysis of the site. Is this site suitable for a solar farm and is interconnecting to a major electric utility possible with a low interconnection fee possible? We also analyze things pertaining to the site like environmental, wetlands or potential zoning problems. We have the needed solar farm resources available to better analyze your project and for less. Our team covers the bases when it comes to solar farm development.

The land leases in question will also be examined along with detailed ALTA surveys and phase 1 environmental studies. Final title commitments will also be required as one of the final steps in due diligence when securing long term financing on solar farms. Let our team perform all of your solar farm feasibility studies along with providing the solar development services needed to bring your projects to market quicker and for less capital.

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