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Solar Farm Investments

Have you thought about the upside that comes from solar farm investments? Solar farm investments can be some of the most rewarding and lower risk investments currently available for large institutional size companies or medium size corporations for many reasons. The life cycle of a typical solar farm is anywhere from twenty to forty years due to the fact that solar panels are passive devices that gather sunlight and then convert that sunlight to energy. Solar farms have no moving parts thus making the maintenance requirements almost insignificant for these large scale power plants.

Our solar farm investors love the fact that solar farm investments generate returns year after year with little or no intervention. Once you commission the solar farm and retain a company to perform the yearly maintenance and inspections you could enjoy a carefree asset and the returns from that asset for many years. With such great financial incentives surrounding solar farms like the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, grants, state tax credits and other incentives these solar farm deals can almost pay for themselves on the front end so that you then enjoy the long term benefit of the power revenue from utility companies like Duke Energy, PG&E, Southern Company or Tennessee Valley Authority.

If you are in the process of learning more about solar farm investments and have some questions please feel free to call our team of professionals today for basic answers concerning solar farm development, costs to construct solar farms, and lead time required on projects.

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