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We find that solar farm investors are coming out in numbers these days as they identify how to make some very nice and favorable long term returns in solar farm investment deals. What is the profile of the typical investor for solar farms? We are seeing many types when it comes to these utility scale solar farm plants that not only generate great tax credits on the front end but then afford the buyers with revenue from the power sales for periods up to twenty years or longer in some cases. Solar farm investors for the largest scale projects almost always include large institutions like banks, insurance companies or even entities like Goggle and Apple, while smaller solar farm investors may be small to medium size average type businesses in almost any town or location.

Most solar farm investors are savvy business types and will want to see financial modeling for solar farm projects to determine if their internal rate of return is high enough for their needs while others seem happy to be getting the tax credits to offset the purchase price of their new solar farm asset. We almost always insist that potential solar farm investors sit down with a large CPA firm that specializes in renewable energy projects to determine if the project can be structured to best meet the investor’s goals and objectives. Firms like Cohnreznick, Novogradac, and BDO have certified public accountants in their companies specialize in working specifically with solar farm investors.

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