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Solar Farm Land Lease Programs

Our solar farm land lease programs have been deemed by many as some of the best in the solar industry. Owners of qualifying farm land tracts can make some decent income by entering into a 20 to 30 year land lease with our company to enable the development and construction of a solar farm project on their property. The solar farms we design and build are less intrusive that most and when de commissioned at the end of the lease term a land owner will have few if any visible signs that a solar farm ever existed on their property.

The solar farms we build consist of rows and rows of solar panels just barely sticking up out of the ground and tilted at a fixed angle toward the sun. Our racking beams are merely driven into the earth and not set in concrete so removal of the system is quick and easy at the end of the lease term when the system is de commissioned and sold off as salvage. The farm land lease monies our company pays land owners varies by the tract but is generally in the $500-$1250 per acre per year range just depending on a host of parameters surrounding a given parcel.

The solar farms for sale by our company, Innovative Solar Systems are always in high demand thus giving ISS the ability to pay farm land owners more for the lease on their property than most other developers. We have an established client list at this point and a large portfolio of projects for sale at any given time. Investors and owners of these large solar farm deals are very picky about the farm land requirements and if the project is not designed perfectly around the best land tract a solar farm project may never make it to market so working with a reputable developer like ISS is crucial.

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