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Solar Farm Parks

Solar farm parks is really just another name for ground mounted solar panels taking up acres of land and generating one megawatt of power or more. The solar farms that our company designs and installs usually range in size from around 1MW all the way up to 1GW or larger just depending on our client and their needs. We currently have many 50MW solar farm park projects in process that will encompass sites of about 250 acres in size and have a total of about 200,000 photovoltaic solar modules per project.

There are many strict requirements for solar farms when it comes to the design and actual build out of the massive solar farm park projects going in everywhere these days across the United States and in foreign countries. With so many original equipment manufacturers to choose from these days for solar farm materials it can be mind boggling during the bid process of which company to choose that can best fit your needs.

Major suppliers like Solar World offer a host of equipment and brands when it comes to materials as they relate to solar farm projects, however, many other companies exist like Solar City, Sun Power and First Solar. If you are contemplating a large solar farm park project and would like an experts view of where the process starts please contact us today to discuss our host of services including site feasibility studies, development services and construction.

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