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Solar Farm Tax Credits

Solar farm tax credits are one of the leading drivers in the development and implementation of large scale projects all over America these days. The Federal Tax Credits alone are valued at 30% of the project price and that does not take into account any state tax credits, grants or local incentives available for solar farm projects in a given area. As solar farm components have dropped dramatically in the last five years it seems like large investors have an insatiable appetite for solar farms and the projects just keeping getting bigger.

The income producing solar farms that we design and sell usually afford our buyers with higher returns because our systems incorporate higher efficiency panels, inverters and some of our projects are designed to utilize tracking so that energy output is increased by approximately twenty five percent or more. Renewable Energy Tax Credits are certainly not new, but more savvy investors are seeing that the tax credits, grants and incentives can pay for a large portion of their solar plant thus giving them a long term revenue stream for very little equity upfront. Are solar farms a smart investment option for your portfolio?

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