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Solar Farms may seem new, but solar dates back to 1960s

Many states are seeing stellar success with the ease of restrictions and incentives for solar farms.

After his groundbreaking research at Arizona State University in the late 1960s, followers started calling Professor John Yellot the Ambassador of the Sun.

A more fitting nickname for the groundbreaking researcher might have been Ambassador of The Future.

Even then, Dr. Yellot knew that solar would be the energy of the future, a renewable, lucrative power source which could solve a plethora of the nation’s problems. The Southwest quickly followed his lead, building one of the largest solar farm projects in the U.S. near Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert.

Most of Dr. Yellot’s early teachings weren’t even offered for university credit, but hundreds of students signed up anyway. During the past 40 years, Yellot’s research caught on. Scientists realized he was on to something.

Now, as of December 2013, utility-scale solar power generated 9.25 million megawatt-hours, 0.23% of the nation’s electricity. Solar farms make up a large percentage of these numbers.

California has even passed laws to make sure that a full third of the state’s electricity comes from renewable sources like solar farms within just six years.

Here in North Carolina, the power industry has recently asked for more requests for solar farm proposals, paving the way for new solar projects. But other states, such as South Carolina, have been reluctant to join the 50-year-old bandwagon. The state seems to have fought solar tooth and nail, saying it’s too difficult and, presumably, will take money away from fossil-fueled power industries.  

Yellot retired in1970, but his legacy lives on in the form of the John Yellot Award, whose recipients have proven to be leaders in the renewable and solar farm industry.

Let’s hope, for the nation’s future, that many more states will follow Arizona and California’s lead. Maybe more Southeastern solar researchers might soon receive the Ambassador of the Sun’s coveted award. Contact Innovative Solar Systems today at (828)-215-9064 to learn more about our cutting edge solar farm projects and to determine if solar energy makes sense as an addition to your investment portfolio.

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