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Solar Farms – the good and the bad

No alternative energy source is perfect. Anyone who claims differently is simply biased. Innovative Solar Systems deals in honesty, so we want to highlight the pros and cons of investing in solar farms.

True, solar farms can be costly up front. The ones worth investing in — the ones sighted and engineered properly and professionally — require those up-front costs which can’t be avoided.

But once installed, maintenance is almost non-existent. Solar panels are generally fixed (although some move slowly to follow the angle of the sun) and require little maintenance once installed. Because windmills are moving mechanisms, they often require expensive maintenance and monitoring. If installed and engineered properly, solar farm investors can generally expect little to no problems and relax as their portfolios swell.

As for other energy sources, coal is dirty and not in infinite supply. Natural gas is combustible. Petroleum produces greenhouse gases which damage the environment. Oil is also expensive and finite. Nuclear plants are imminently more powerful. But as Japan discovered after its earthquake, core meltdowns are financially and environmentally devastating.

It’s also true that solar farm power cannot be produced at night. But even cloudy days can generate power. And the sun’s potential energy is almost mind-boggling. If captured, just 24 hours of the sun’s rays could sustain the world’s energy demands for an entire year.

Moreover, the sun is the only reliable power source on the planet which does not produce damaging greenhouse gases, and its powerful rays are expected to shine for billions of years. Solar farm use remains only one percent of the nation’s energy pie. But research in the field is increasing exponentially — so much so that the mere one percent is expected to increase triple-fold by 2015.

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