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Any of the solar panel farms that we construct may be home to more than 200,000 solar panels in many cases. Our solar farms typically range in size from sites as small as 12 acres to all the way up to several thousand acres in size with almost one million panels mounted on stands facing the sun. Solar farms have taken this country by storm and we are riding this tidal wave with partners and investors from around the globe. The United States always seems to be the last group to embrace anything good, whether medical discoveries, health patterns, weather observations and in this case renewable energy implementation.

We see solar farm parks popping up everywhere these days like parking lots at your local shopping centers, on the roofs of stores like Walmart or Ikea and even on your neighbors pasture land in the middle of nowhere in many cases. Solar PV Panels have become ridiculously cheap making the financial returns on our solar farms something that many investors will not ignore but chase after these days. If you are tired of watching the trends as they pass you by and are ready to start running with the leaders like Apple, Walmart, and other fortune 500 companies then give our team of solar farm specialists a call today at (828)-215-9064.

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