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Starting a Solar Farm

Starting a solar farm requires many things including the right land parcel, plenty of working capital and relationships with solar farm developers that help you get all necessary state, local and federal approvals on your project. Starting a solar farm will also require patience and possibly one to three years of your time just depending upon the complexity of your solar farm project and the various levels of approvals your project will need to make it through including zoning and permitting not to mention the stringent requirements set forth by the utility companies and the utility commission in your given state or region.

We provide entities with the basics of how to start a solar farm and then require that they enter into a contract with our company if we are to then develop their project to construction or shovel ready status and also possibly perform the final build out on that project. Our company has received approvals on some of the largest solar farm projects in the United States and even as a top shelf design and build firm specializing only in large scale solar farms it is always a challenge to cover the bases on every project such that we are given any and all approvals for our massive projects.

Solar farms can be a financially rewarding proposition but without the right company by your side helping you navigate the process a single company or land owner will have little chance getting their project approved and then to a construction ready state whereby lenders would be willing to provide debt and equity financing on that project. Please do not make the mistake of many thinking that you can figure out how to develop your own solar farm project and save money, we liken this to the cancer patient trying to perform surgery on himself, it never works.

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