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What Are Solar Farms

What are solar farms and just why are so many large companies so eager to buy them these days? Solar farms are really nothing more than rows and rows of solar panels all wired together sitting in huge fields angled due south toward the sun gathering sunlight and then converting it to alternating current before that power enters the local utility grid. Solar farms can range in size to hundreds of panels all the way up to our designs which incorporate hundreds of thousands of panels. Large corporations have an appetite for solar farms these days due to the state and government incentives that can almost pay for the construction of their projects.

Companies like ours pay close attention to the solar farm design since we realize that small things in the design can lead to large returns for the buyer when greater solar energy harvest is achieved. Our team of solar farm engineers start with the actual site layout and then make decisions on things like single axis tracking or fixed panel racking solutions depending on a host of parameters. We will also scrutinize panel specifications, inverters, cabling and warranties to assure that the equipment for a given project can meet the demands without sacrificing system performance. Our solar farms provide results and just one more reason why we are a leader in this field.

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